DWS - Dakota Wall Systems, Inc.


Prairie Custom

Prairie Custom

Chilton/FDL Tumbled

Black Horse

Farmers Brown

Lueders Blend

FDL/Colonial Grey

Cinnamon Bark

Sedona Rustic

Choctaw/High Country

Golden Canadian

Pennsylvania Fieldstone

Dakota Blend

Pennsylvania Fieldstone

FDL Cambrian Custom

High Country Ledge

Cream City/Colonial Grey

Farmers Brown

Mill Creek/Sedona Rustic

IW Ledgestone


Natural stone that is actually quarried from the ground has the unique character only Mother Nature can provide. Dakota Wall Systems, Inc. prides itself on its extensive network of quarries that can bring infinite blends of stone to our customers. Whether it’s the mica flake that sparkles in the light, the beautiful veins of color, or taking the time to tumble the stone to get that perfect “old world” look. All of our natural stone is available in both full veneer and thin veneer to bring costs and installation within budget. We also stock many of our more popular stones in our warehouses for easy pick up or delivery.